In this article you will find out what an ultrasonic sensor is and how to use it.
An ultrasonic distance sensor is used to determine the distance to an object.
Technical description:

- Working voltage: +5V
- Minimum current: < 2 mA;
- Rated current 15 mA;
- Measurement distance: from 2 cm to 400 cm;
- Measuring angle: 30 degrees;
- Trigger pulse duration: 10 microseconds.

Principle of operation

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - The HC-SR04 module uses acoustic radiation to determine the distance to an object. This non-contact sensor ensures high accuracy and stability of measurements. The measuring range is from 2 cm to 400 cm. The sensor readings are practically not affected by solar radiation and electromagnetic noise. The module is sold as a set with a transmitter and a receiver.

Diagram of connecting an ultrasonic sensor to controller R:ED One.

Program example:
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Technical support

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