In this article you will find out what a push button sensor is and how to use it

Push button sensor is the simplest and the most accessible of all kinds of sensors. By clicking on it, a signal is sent to the controller, leading to different actions: LEDs turn on, sounds are made, motors start.
Technical description:

– Size (L*W*H): 40x24x24
– The button registers a push and, depending on the state, changes the state of the signal output (1\0)
– Operating voltage: from 5V
– XH 3pin connector for connecting to another device

Functionality when connected to the RED X controller:

Changes the state of the signal output when the button is pressed.

Push button sensor connecting scheme

Program example
*Physically, if the push button sensor connected to port D2 detects pressure, then the servomotor connected to port D1 rotates by zero degree, otherwise the servomotor rotates by 180 degrees.

Technical support

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