In this article you will find out what a tilt sensor is and how to use it.

The tilt sensor is used to determine the position in space.

Technical description:

- Using the highly sensitive SW-520D corner switch as a sensor
- Consumption current: 15 mA
- Working voltage: 3.3V to 5V
- Output format: Digital output (0 & 1)

Principle of operation

The tilt sensor is a cylinder with a conductive ball rolling inside and equipped with two conductive elements (contacts) at the bottom. When the sensor is fully upright, the ball falls to the bottom of the cylinder and closes the contacts. When the sensor is tilted, the ball does not touch the contacts, the circuit opens and current does not flow. In this way, the tilt sensor works like a switch that turns on and off depending on the vertical orientation. It will transmit a digital signal to an Arduino device: HIGH or LOW.

Diagram of connecting the tilt sensor to controller R:ED One

Program example
R:ED Code

Technical support

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