In this article you will find out what an IR sensor is and how to use it.
The IR sensor of the obstacle detects the presence of an object at a distance and colours (black and white).
Technical description:

- Working voltage: 3.3V-5V
- Sensor type: diffusion
- Comparator: LM393
- Obstacle detection distance: 2 - 30 cm.
- Effective obstacle detection angle: 35°
- Potentiometer for changing sensitivity
- Power indication LED
- Trip indication LED

Principle of operation

The sensor contains 2 elements - an infrared LED that constantly emits light in the infrared range, and a photocell sensitive to infrared radiation. If there is a reflective surface near the sensor, some of the light emitted by the LED is returned to the photocell. The closer the surface and the "whiter" it is, the more light is returned to the receiver and the higher the sensor readings.

Diagram of connecting the IR sensor to controller R:ED One

Program example:
R:ED Code

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