In this article you will find out what a colour sensor is and how to use it

Colour sensor registers the colour of the surface. The sensor receives reflected light in the visible range of colours and encodes it. The sensor is Lego and Arduino compatible.
Technical description:

– Size (L*W*H): 40x24x24
– Lego compatible body
– The sensor reads the colour reflected from the surface, encodes it and transmits it to the controller via the I2C bus.
– Working voltage: 3.3V
– Connector for connecting to another device: F-dupont 5pin

Functionality when connected to the RED X controller:

Determining the surface colour

Colour sensor connecting scheme

Program example
*Physically, the colour sensor connected to the I2C port reads the red colour and outputs its value to the port monitor

Technical support

Technical support in Telegram

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