In this article you will find out what a buzzer is and how to use it
It is used for sound notification in those devices and systems, for the functioning of which a sound signal is required. The buzzer makes sounds in the range from 0 to 4000 Hz. The executor converts commands based on the two-bit number system 1 and 0 into audio signals.
Technical description:

- Rated frequency: 4kHz.
- Intensity: 80dB.
- Rated working voltage: 3.3V to 5V.

Principle of operation

Sound occurs due to the inverse piezoelectric effect - the occurrence of mechanical deformations under the action of an electric field. In the reverse piezo effect, the application of voltage to the plate inside the piezo emitter causes its deformation, which in its turn leads to the generation of sound.

Diagram of connecting the buzzer to the R:ED One controller

Program example
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Technical support

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