In this article you will find out what an RGB LED is and how to use it
It differs from the usual one as it contains 3 small crystals R, G, B, which can synthesise any colour or shade.
Technical description:

– Size (L*W*H): 40x24x24
- Lego compatible body
– The LED lights up in red/green/blue or intersecting colours depending on the input signals
– Working voltage: 5V
– Connector for connecting to another device: F-dupont 4pin

Functionality when connected to the RED X controller:

Synthesising the colours or shades of the RGB palette together.

Principle of operation:

RGB LED module KY-009 - made on a printed circuit board with an installed 3-colour RGB SMD LED (model 5050) and has 3 inputs for controlling and obtaining the desired colour of the LED emission (red, green and blue).

RGB LED connecting scheme

Code example
*The RGB LED connected to ports D1, D2, D3 starts to glow red for 1 second, then green for 1 second, then blue for 1 second, after that, the procedure repeats endlessly.

Technical support

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