In this article you will find out how to use R:ED One controller.

R:ED ONE controller is a multifunctional device based on the Atmega 328p microcontroller. This device has 7 digital ports, 7 analog ports and 2 ports for DC motor control. It also supports connections for 16 peripherals. The controller has a button to control the board's power supply. The board has LEDs to indicate the controller operations and one programmable LED. The controller is compatible with Arduino devices and plastic Lego Technic parts. A Mini-Usb port is provided for programming the controller.

Technical description:

- Working voltage 5V
- Input power 7-9V (recommended)
- Number of digital ports - 7
- Number of analog ports - 7
- DC motor control port on the driver - 2
- Flash memory 32 Kb
- RAM 2 Kb
- 16 MHz Frequency

In the third column, programming pins in the Arduino Ide environment are highlighted yellow.


The board is powered by 2 lithium batteries of the 14500 type. Do not use batteries with a voltage lower than 3.5V.

P.S. The R:ED One controller will not operate on 2 "standard" AA batteries with a voltage of 1.2-1.5V.

Technical support

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