Kazakhstani schoolchildren won the Robotics World Competition in Geneva

Kazakh schoolchildren won without a single defeat at the FIRST Global Challenge robotics competition. At the same time, they set a new record by gaining the highest number of points.

This championship is one of the most prestigious in the world. This victory gives schoolchildren an opportunity to enter the world's leading universities.

Kazakh schoolchildren competed with peers from 167 countries around the world. The national team was represented by 5 schoolchildren aged from 15 to 17. All of them are winners of the national tournament FIRST Global Challenge, organised by USTEM Robotics and Caravan of Knowledge foundations. Young engineers and programmers played 16 game matches for three days without losing a single one and setting a record for the number of points. Along with the first place in this championship, the Kazakh team won the Al-Khwarizmi gold medal "For brilliant support" provided to teams from other countries, as well as a special JUDGES AWARD for outstanding engineering solutions in robot creation.

“In addition to winning the national tournament, we spent almost a month preparing for the world stage along with the coaches of the Kazakhstan national team Bekzat Inkarov and Kazhymukan Reimbaev. For that, we want to thank them very much. We wanted to represent our country worthily on the world stage and we succeeded. This year the Olympiad topic was the global warming problem. According to the game rules, the robot assembled by each team must pick up carbon dioxide in the form of balls and transport it to a special basket, while performing many combinations. I think we did an excellent job with the task,” shared with us the Kazakhstan national team captain, Yerasyl Abylkasym.

In July 2022, the national team had already participated and also won two British out-of-season Olympiads FIRST Tech Challenge UK and Ireland. Then the schoolchildren were able to set an absolute record of the competition, winning 19 out of 20 games with a record score, and also received three nominations from the jury members at once.

“Congratulations to our guys on great achievements! I wish you new successes and further heights! I am sure that your example will become a stimulus for other students. I also thank teachers, coaches and parents of talented children for their support. The Ministry of Education, for its part, will continue to create opportunities for schoolchildren in digital competencies and skills development. Over the past three years, 41 IT schools have been opened in the country, where 55,000 children are now studying. About 3,000 robotics classrooms have been established in schools. The President pays special attention to digitalisation in the field of education. The IT schools features are specialisation in the field of IT, early profiling, in-depth study of robotics, programming and 3D modelling. And every year the number of IT schools will increase,” commented Askhat Aimagambetov, head of the Ministry of Education.

FIRST is included into the list of Olympiads recommended for schoolchildren and teachers participation by Kazakhstan Ministry of Education. Every year, under the aegis of FIRST, various competitions are held for children from the age of 6 to 18. Each competition differs in topics and complexity of tasks. They are tied to real world challenges - industrial automation, mining, recycling, space exploration, biomedicine and other important topics.