How did Kazakhstan raise international champions in just a few years?

Rapid dynamics of the robotics development in Kazakhstan is striking in its scale. Even 7 years ago it was a distant and incomprehensible world for both teachers and students of any Kazakh city. After a short time, the schoolchildren not only got acquainted with the new industry for them, but also showed consistently high results for several international competitions in a row. Declaring to the whole world about the high potential and abilities of ordinary schoolchildren from small towns of distant Kazakhstan. How did it happen? What is the secret of the success of Kazakh robotics?

About 5-7 years ago, when the first commercial robotics clubs appeared in large cities of Kazakhstan, students of these centres participated in local competitions at most once or twice a year. The first local festivals of a technological nature brought together no more than 50 teams. Now this number has increased tenfold.

According to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, about 3,000 robotics classrooms are now open in schools across the country. A significant contribution to the development of the future technical human resources comes from complex solutions, where children not only get access to robotic tool kits, but also to a whole system with methodological materials and training for teachers. For example, the public fund "Kazakhstan Khalkyna" and the international company "ARMAN HOLDING" signed a cooperation memorandum on the project "Future Engineers" last year. The goal of this project is to create conditions for children from rural areas, small towns and monotowns to study robotics, to provide an accessible high-quality educational environment in the field of engineering competencies. Thanks to the R:ED Robotics Education from ARMAN HOLDING introduction to complex solutions, 187 schools in rural areas and monotowns in Kazakhstan are equipped with modern robotics classrooms. And 198 teachers have already completed training. The R:ED solution is widely used in the countries of the former CIS and is increasingly covering cities of Kazakhstan.

In its turn, the rapid development of Kazakh children's robotics is already bringing tangible results.

For the first time, a team of schoolchildren from Kazakhstan made a particularly loud statement when they showed a brilliant result at one of the most prestigious robotics championships in the world - the First Global Challenge. The team consisted of schoolchildren of the age 15-17. During the 3 days competition, they played 16 game matches and won all of them. None of the competitors from 167 countries could show such a great result.

At the last world championship in robotics - "First World Championship", Kazakhstani schoolchildren took three prestigious awards: "Robot Design Award" - for technical achievements, - "Motivate Award Finalist" - for the high professionalism of the team on the world stage, as well as "Core Values Award" - for high enthusiasm, spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. The schoolchildren managed to show outstanding results despite fierce rivalry among 600 teams from all over the world.

Just a few years of active and systematic development of educational robotics in the country will definitely pay off in the form of engineering specialists who will easily compete with professionals on the world stage.