Students from Almaty won robotics competition in Slovenia

Recently, The Slovenian Open VEX IQ competition Full Volume championship took place in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Representatives from 7 countries - Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Turkey and Kazakhstan - took part in this competition. Our country was presented by students from Almaty, particularly two teams from International Robotics Academy at the Satbayev University.

Kazakh schoolchildren of the age of 10-12 from 1729R Republican Army received the main award of VEX IQ - for "Overall excellence in all competition aspects" and the third place in “Programming Skills” category.

1729 R team of Danial Ramazanov, Magzhana Mynzhasar, Ulana Ahmetzhanova got the first place in “Teamwork Champions” nomination. By the way, a representative of the Kazakh students mentioned that the second place also was taken by our team - 1729W Watermelons (Autay Rauan, Ahmet Sami Iigit, Olzhas Kuat).

Besides, Watermelons got an ”Innovate Award" for their interview, engineering notebook and the whole performance at the competition.

Danial Ramazanov said that they had been preparing hard for the competitions and they had had a clear strategy and shared his thoughts: "From the early morning till late night we had been at the Academy, testing and developing the robot. At the competition there were three categories: “Programming Skills”, “Teamwork”, “Interview” and “Engineering Notebook” and we took them all. Our robot sorts blocks on the field by size and drops them into all the zones in a minute. After the competition we will get home inspired, but we still have a lot to work on”.

Next robotics competition the teams are participating in will take place in Istanbul this week.