R:ED X robots showed great results at the international festival “RoboLand 2023”

On the 3rd and 4th of November, an international festival for Robotics, Programming and Innovative technologies called “RoboLand 2023” took place in Karaganda. This festival was organised by the Department of Education of the Karagandinskaya region with support from Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“RoboLand” gained a status of the international competition since 2016 as the participants were from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Italy and Greece.

The VIII Festival took place in the sport complex “Zhastar” of the “Shakhter” stadium in Karaganda. This year kids and teens from the age of 4 to 18 took part in the competition.

Students with their expert – Oleg Viktorovich Aleksandrovich – from school #17 of the town Merke took part in the category “Labyrinth for water robots” using R:ED X kits.

11 “B” students, Alsu Khal’futdinova and Alina Chukanova took the 4th place. Girls built an automated robot, which had to go through the water labyrinth successfully. The expert noted that the robot by its characteristics could take the first or the second place.

Project created using the R:ED X kit was also presented in the “Sumo” category. Aleksey Makarenko, 7 “B” student from school-lyceum #1 of the town Syzran, chose this category. Aleksey is studying robotics under the mentorship of Azamat Serikovich Mustafin.