Robo Girls in the “Agency for Innovative Development": Technologies met!

Guests from Kokand visited the “Agency for Innovative Development" on the 28th of November.
“Robo girls”, representatives from the Pedagogical University, showed their robotics skills and got introduced to the developments of R:ED Robotics Education.
“Robo Girls” Club was launched a few months ago through a small grant from the Embassy of Germany. About 30 girls from the age of 10 to 17 attend this club. Despite the little experience in robotics, girls pleasantly surprised the employees of the Agency for Innovative Development with their skills.
Robotics teachers held workshops on “Sumo Robot” and “Robo Football” for the girls.
Right now, “Robo Girls” study robotics on the kits of the Chinese production and replicas of the popular kits. After meeting R:ED Robotics Education, organisers of the club seriously started thinking about getting a grant from the Kokand authorities to buy modern R:ED X robotics kits.
Employees of the “Agency for Innovative Development” will visit robotics competition at the “Robo Girls” club to exchange experiences and to get inspiration.