Lesson Technology

‘Technology’ lesson is a new international standard of engineering education
Principles of the lesson "technology"
Functional Literacy (PISA)
Meta-disciplinary competencies
Practice orientation
Advanced technologies and modern equipment
International educational standards
Philosophy of the lesson "technology"
This lesson is the only subject that introduces the world of digital technologies to schoolchildren
It forms the ability to apply knowledge gained in other lessons (functional literacy). Besides, 21st century competencies are being formed on these lessons
Within the lesson, the material is structured in such a way that students not only learn new technologies and how to work with their hands, but also they learn how to carry out mental operations, they learn methods for ideas
Student-oriented content of the subject, the form of material presentation motivates students and involves them in learning activities.
The lesson is not a frame type, but a multi-vector one: it shows a great variety of solutions, directions, opportunities that students can master according to their interests and abilities or develop them.
The lesson allows you to 'try on' different professions, consciously choose your life path after graduation.
A complete pre-profile training for a child, includin the full range of hard and soft skills

Solution elements

Academic and methodological complex
Student's workbook
Methodological recommendations for a teacher
Refresher course for a teacher
Modern equipment package
“Technology” lesson package

We fully supply classrooms for the lesson “Technology”

Robotics tool kits (10 pcs)
3D printers (5pcs)
IoT (20pcs)
CNC machines (5pcs)
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Drones (20pcs)